“ChthoniC, Winner of the Golden Melody Award, the Grammy Awards in the Eastern Asia “.

#2 on both the CMJ Loud Rock and FMQB Metal Detector most Added charts – October 2006“.

” The best black metal release in 2006. “ by BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS

” The whole album is of a rare kind: the kind where there isn’t a single bad song, every single song is perfect. “ (96%) by Metal Archives

” It was full of grief and sorrow and the tempo changes were very passionate, flowing with the vocals nicely and throwing in an ancient Eastern vibe.” (4/5) by Garage Radio, USA.

Matthew is a Stinker

” the songwriting is superb even by the highest symphonic black metal standards. “, (9/10) by Mael Storm, USA.

” all recorded with just the right balance of rawness and polish. With the er-hu providing extra sadness, the results are emotional, powerful, and crushing. “ by Transform Online, USA.

“The gorgeous brutality of Taiwan-based Chthonic’s new release is a world-class example of black metal’s global impact.” by Deena Dasein

” (8/10) by Bleeding for Metal

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